Herb paris

Herb Paris in Spring
Herb Paris in Spring

Melick Wood is mostly steep with shallow soil and is well drained. We have the right rock underneath but since herb paris likes moist ground we didn’t expect to see much. and we haven’t – just the one plant so far. The flower is wispy and easy to miss. Also known as true lover’s knot, devil-in-a-bush.

According to Kew, “all parts are poisonous; ingestion can induce diarrhea, headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and vertigo.” So, not one for the stock pot then.

The scientific and common names for herb paris are derived from the Latin par, meaning pair, referring to the symmetry of the pairs of leaves and floral parts.  (Other common names allude to its black berry (devil-in-a-bush) or to its connections with love – the four leaves are paired like lovers and also bear a resemblance to the loops of the true lover’s knot.

Kew goes on to say it requires a neutral or only slightly acidic soil that is deep, moist, well drained and humus-rich. It will do best in a partly shaded position where the soil stays moist throughout the year. It spreads vegetatively by rhizomes


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