White coral fungus

White Coral Fungus. I’m told it’s edible but who knows?

White coral fungus
White coral fungus

We found these interesting 2″ corals growing in shavings around a stack of wood from an old fallen beech in early September. If it really is white coral fungus, it’s supposed to edible though as tasteless as it looks. But (a) we are not about to eat anything I’m not sure of and (b) it just wouldn’t look right on toast.

There are a few lookalikes but it most resembles pictures of Ramariopsis Kunzei. Wikipedia – the fount of all wisdom – says its “an edible species of coral fungi in the Clavariaceae family, and the type species of the genus Ramariopsis. It is commonly known as white coral because of the branched structure of the fruit bodies that resemble marine coral.”


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