Recent decades

Recent management
Management in recent decades: scots pine plantation (top left), hazel coppice (top right), sycamore inserts (bottom right), beech inserts (bottom left)

Melick Wood is semi-natural ancient woodland.  Rotting stumps show that large numbers of massive trees were felled decades ago.  Since then the wood has been planted up on one side with scots pines and on the other with hazel coppice, which has been growing at least 15 years and appears to have not been managed in this time.  Mature beech, oak and ash are scattered throughout each zone.  From the only mature ash we have felled, we counted the rings to be 63 (in 2015).

There appears to have been at least two phases of re-planting of broadleaf standards.  Young beech have been planted in cylindrical tree guards, with mixed success.  Sycamores have been planted in spiral tree guards, but have for the most part grown tall and spindly trying to reach through the overgrown coppice.


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