A host of white & yellow daffodils


These daffodils are just across the wall in the No Mans Land of Wiltshire.  Are they escapee garden daffs, or genuine wild daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus)?

Not sure.  They look like wild daffodils, except perhaps the outer petals are a shade too white rather than pale yellow.  I’m doubting the wisdom of the internet here as a search for Welsh daffodil/lent lily returns pictures of daffodils that are plainly mis-labelled.

Referring to a proper book doesn’t give the answer either: the plates in the Oxford Book of Wild Flowers seem over-saturated.

Update:  Met a lady wot knows stuff last weekend  and she said that Welsh daffodils are significantly shorter and also have a colour combination of trumpet/petal that is more dark yellow/pale yellow rather than orange/white.


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