Wettest June on record?


The headlines say “Bookies have suspended bets on this June being the wettest on record”.

Good news for the pond which was only dug out on the late May Bank Holiday weekend: it is already 8 inches deep in rainwater.

The pond is lined with tarpaulin (which needs to be neatly landscaped) and has attracted various larvae, rat-tailed maggots and pondskaters.   It will be interesting to see how it is colonised.  The nearest sizeable pond of which we are aware is 200m down the hill towards the river but there are many small bodies of water in hollow stumps.

The rat-tailed maggots are the larvae of hoverflies and can inhabit stagnant water, sewage and animal faeces.  Unappealing habits maybe, but hoverflies are useful pollinators.



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