Home sweet home

Nesting materials
Nesting materials


It’s October and breeding season is finished so it seemed safe to check the dormouse boxes for signs of summer activity.  From October dormice leave the canopy and hibernate in nests beneath the leaf litter on the forest floor.  Inspection of boxes during the breeding season can only be done with a “dormice license”.

Of the four boxes, two contained just snails, slugs and millipedes.

One contained an abandoned wasps’ nest and a quantity of moss.

Mostly moss
Nesting materials
Other residents
Other residents

The final box contained a mixture of moss, dried grass and feathers as if it had been used by a nesting bird. The placement of the nest box hole against the hazel trunk is supposed to deter birds but blue tits are known to sneak in on occasion.

Nesting materials
Nesting materials

I was not really expecting to find dormice, so it was nice to find that the boxes had been put to good use.




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