Dark bush cricket

Dark bush cricket
Dark bush cricket

There have been various crickets and grasshoppers jumping around the clearing during summer but now the weather is cooler, one of them slowed down for closer inspection.

This dark bush cricket (Pholidoptera griseoaptera) is likely on her last legs, in fact she has lost a bit of one leg.The adults are omnivorous, eating small insects, caterpillars and plants such as bramble, dandelion and nettles. The species is almost wingless – a tiny wing-stub is visible.

This female has the sickle shaped ovipositor tail for egg-laying.   Females lay their eggs in late summer in rotting wood or bark crevices; the larvae emerge 18 months later and nymphs appear in the third year. Here’s a nymph from May 2018.


This is the summery sound of a dark bush cricket:




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