Deer Shield



What a fine specimen! We think it is a Deer Shield (Pluteus cervinus), a relatively common mushroom that usually grows on rotting deciduous wood. It’s a match for the picture in the Collins Complete Guide that we use but other sources show a mushroom with a lighter colour so we’re not sure – Pluteus cervinus apparently gets its common name from its dull brown color. All very confusing, and DNA studies apparently suggest that not everything labelled as Pluteus cervinus really is. We should have looked harder at the gills (which should have been free) and and the spores (salmon pink).


2 thoughts on “Deer Shield

  1. We’re total amateurs just looking at the guidebooks so all suggestions are welcome! Thanks. I admit I was swayed by the fact that the picture is such an exact match to the Collins guide Pluteus. I wondered about a Grey Shield but was less drawn to it because ours was deep brown rather than deep grey and was in beech/ash woodland rather than amongst conifers (though maybe it was on an old pine sump?) Anyway, now I have your suggestion we’ll have a hunt around and do a more detailed examination if we find another. Congratulations on your own very interesting blog btw.


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