Handsome and/or slender?

Club fungus
Club fungus

This fungus was hiding in the long grass in the clearing.  It is presumably one of the  yellow club fungi (Clavulinopsis or Macrotyphula families) but as usual, we’re not sure which one.

There is a Handsome Club which looks similar and has a great name but alas seems to prefer unimproved grassland according to our Collins guide. So, maybe the Slender or Pipe Clubs (Macrotyphula juncea / fistulosa) which like the deciduous wood debris and leaf litter where we found it one damp October afternoon? Ours seem a little bulkier that the Slender Clubs in most pictures but doesn’t have the blunt tips the Pipes develop with age. Both are saprotrophic or ‘recycler’ fungi which break down dead plant material.

Anyway, welcome to the wood, whoever you are.


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