Deceived again?


Yes, it really was that colour, in the leaf litter under beech trees. We can’t be sure without a spore print but we thought it was either one of our Amethyst Deceivers looking a bit different (as they do) or a young Wood Blewit  (Lepista nuda).Here’s one from our neighbours’ wood that was identified by an expect as a Wood Blewit. Flatter and with gills that seem more crowded than our mystery mushroom. Lets settle for the Deceiver then but any expert advice would be very welcome!.

Having said which, it’s certainly the time of year for a Blewit- “when the nights start getting cold and approaching frost temperatures the Blewits start to grow.” Apparently edible but confusable with similar inedible species so we certainly won’t be putting any in the omelettes even if we find them.  They start off like this and fade to a tan colour so maybe we do have them around but missed them. Naturespot says  the become depressed with age. I know how they feel.


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