Tiny Pink Brain


In early November, on a large branch that fell off our oldest beech. For once, we’re pretty certain what this one is. It’s a Purple Jellydisc (Ascocoryne sarcoides).

According to to Mushroomexpert.com Ascocoryne sarcoides is “a funky mushroom that looks either like a jelly fungus or a cup fungus, depending on which stage of its life cycle it is in when you find it. In its asexual, “anamorphic” stage, it produces cloned conidia (asexual spores) and looks like purple globs of jelly, or gelatinized fingers. In its sexual, “teleomorphic” stage, it produces asci and spores and looks more like a disc or a cup, although its flesh is still quite gelatinous.” If it were teleomorphic,  it would be impossible to distinguish from A. cylichnium without a microscope but ours is enjoying its anamorphic days so we think were right on this one. Mind you, we’ve thought that before….



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