There is a magnificent small leaved lime (Tilia cordata) on the way down to Warleigh Weir.

Pollen analysis of sediments suggests that small leaved limes were common in southern lowland woods in the British Isles. The species is now more infrequent, possibly because the seeds require long hot summers to ripen sufficiently to become viable.

In silhouette you can see the seeds framed by distinctive bracts.  In summer the small flowers are much visited by insects.

We have planted a few tinies in Melick Wood.  The tree prefers deep, fertile soil as in the river valley here but may tolerate our stony, calcareous soils further up the hillside.

The flowers can be collected and dried to produce nerve-calming “Linden Tea”.  The wood is soft and is used in fine carving such as religious figures during the medieval period.


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