Yellow Weasel


Just as the bluebell carpets are fading, out comes the Yellow Archangel, one of the dead nettles and thus part of the mint family (square stalks are the give-away). We found one outside our wood coming into flower this week last year and now happily we have a few plants down by our own pond – they prefer damp woodlands and hedgerows. They are lovely things so we have taken cuttings to help them spread a little. The garden escapees generally have variegated leaves so I think we’re OK.

It’s a favourite flower but I was struggling to find anything new to say about it. Then I read that the crushed leaves have an unpleasant smell. Its proper name is Lamium galeobdolon and according to First Nature, galeobdolon means ‘smelling like a weasel’. Next time, I’ll try the ‘scratch and sniff’ test – the only way I’m (hopefully) ever going to find out what weasels smell like.


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