Distant insects (1)

This is a collection of insect photographs that for a variety of reasons weren’t clear enough for a post of their own.  All early May in the picnic clearing. Identification of insects from photos is always problematic and its even less reliable from a distant iPhone shot but we’ve generally made a stab at the family if not the species.  Hopefully we’ll get better acquainted on another occasion.

Clockwise from top left, I think we might have:

  • One of the many (1500+) UK chalcids. Only a tiny chap, those are Euphorbia flowers.
  • An ichneumon wasp. It was a big one with a very long ovipositor, black body and orange legs. The useful Natural History Museum Guide to this wasp family suggests maybe a Ephialtes manifestator?
  • A Common Flower Bug (Anthocoris nemorum). The Daily Telegraph labels it one of the ‘top ten dangerous garden pests‘ which surprised me but apparently its a proper predator and bites are very itchy and can be slow to heal.

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