Return of the Swollen-thighed Beetle


A fine male swollen-thighed flower beetle (Oedemera nobilis) spotted in mid-June in the water meadows below the wood. There were lots around but we last photographed it in September 2015, see that post here.

UK Safari says that flower beetles get their name from the fact they’re usually spotted on flowers in spring and summer feeding on pollen.  Not too hard to guess that one. These have their name on account of their swollen looking hind legs, but it’s only the males like this one which have this feature. Both the males and females are a vivid metallic green colour all over.  They look as if their wing covers (elytra) have shrunk in the wash because they don’t quite meet in the middle. The prefer open flowers and umbels like cow parsley and apparently the larvae develop on dry stems of Spartium (brooms) and Cirsium (thistles).



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